How to Gift Wrap a Fragile Item

Safely gift wrap fragile items such as glasswear

Nothing could be worse than receiving a gift that has broken.  All gift-givers should know how to gift wrap a fragile item safely.  Wrapping a breakable gift requires a little more attention and material than wrapping sturdier items, but the extra energy is worth the peace of mind. There is more than one way to successfully gift wrap a fragile …Read more »

Free Printable Shapes for Gift Tags

heart cut out

Create unique DIY gift tags with these free printable shapes. Designed to make unique gift tags, they include a butterfly, round-petaled flower, five-pointed star, lopsided heart, and elm leaf.  Cut your shape out of your choice of wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper, card stock, construction paper, etc. How to use the printable shapes: 1.  Print the shapes you want.  There are …Read more »

Hottest All-Occasions Gift Wrap Trends

Kraft paper all occasions gift wrap

Do you still have gift wrap from the Clinton administration? Are you using nothing but store-bought bows to decorate gifts? Bring your wrapping up to the minute with these all-occasions gift wrap trends that are popular right now. Kraft Paper Kraft paper is a strong paper used for grocery bags and other industrial uses.  Usually light brown in color, its …Read more »

Green Gifting and Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap

Eco-friendly gift wrapping

Green Gifting is eco-conscious gift giving.  It represents a philosophy of gifting that includes both the choice of gifts and the way the gifts are presented.  When wrapping gifts, there are many ways to make Green Gifting ideas part of the process.  Here are just a few of these ideas.   Use furoshiki wraps.  Instead of buying or making new …Read more »

Top Ten Gift-Wrapping Secrets

Green metallic bow

How do you create a really extraordinary gift that stands out to make the recipient feel truly special?  Follow these secret tips to bring your gift presentation to the next level. Make creases sharp.  Practice folding paper straight, using 45° angles for the end flaps. Pull paper tight, but don’t put too much tension on the paper, or the tape …Read more »

Overview of Furoshiki Techniques: Cloth Gift Wrapping

Furoshiki Basic Box Technique

Furoshiki, the art of cloth gift-wrapping, uses squares of fabric to create any of a variety of different styles of wrapping.  There are furoshiki techniques suited to every shape, including boxes of any dimensions, round items (both spheres and cylinders), and bottles.  Furoshiki is also a great solution to wrapping a “grab bag” of several smaller items and to wrapping …Read more »

How to Tie a Ribbon Around a Gift

Pink bow ribbon tied on a gift

A ribbon is a beautiful and elegant way to decorate a gift.  Ribbons are great for any item wrapped in gift wrap paper and for some furoshiki (fabric) wrapped gifts. Some ribbon is stiffened with wire; the wire edges should be cut using wire cutters or old scissors.  The fabric or plastic of the ribbon can be cut with gift-wrap …Read more »


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